Our Mission

Recruit, support and elect strong Republican candidates across Jefferson County to represent and serve our community.

Grow the Louisville GOP through a grassroots effort by engaging voters who support our vision.


We are serious


We are passionnate


We are determined

Our Vision

The Vision Statement of an organization is an inspirational statement – it is a statement of  ideals by which an organization strives to operate.

Jefferson County Republicans are the Party of:


Don Fitzpatrick
Don FitzpatrickChair
Charlie Bell
Charlie BellVice Chair
Kerstin Jeffus
Kerstin JeffusExecutive Director
Connie Hayes Badon
Connie Hayes BadonTreasurer
Isaac Oettle
Isaac OettleSecretary

JCRP Executive Committee

Legislative District Name
LD 28 Margaret Adkins
LD 29 Lonnie Wright 
LD 30 vacant
LD 31 Michael Utter
LD 32 Thomas Beck
LD 33 Andrew West 
LD 34 David Rummler 
LD 35 Donna D. Lawlor
LD 36 Brian Abrams
LD 37 vacant
LD 38 Carrie McKeehan
LD 40 Malcomb Haming
LD 41 Sara Elizabeth Cottrell
LD 42 Judy Stallard
LD 43 vacant
LD 44 Charlie Bell
LD 46 vacant
LD 48 Liam Gallagher
At Large Caelan O’Connor
At Large Rick Burns
At Large James L. Hill
At Large Suzanne Whayne
At Large Jonathan Joseph
At Large Chartrael Hall
At Large Debbie Robbins
At Large Evan Wright
At Large DeAnna Brangers
At Large Jake Cox
At Large Bradford Cummings, CLC
At Large David Ferguson
At Large Rob Givens
At Large Ed Hardman
At Large Kerstin Jeffus
At Large James Higdon
At Large Bret Shultz
At Large Ruth Ann Shumate-Reed
At Large Carol Whayne
At Large John T. McCarthy III, SLC