The Trump Verdict – a Call to Action!

The trial in New York against former President Donald Trump can only be described as a “sham” from the get-go. The unanimous guilty verdict on 34 felony counts has now punctuated what was apparent months ago – that its true purpose has been to defeat a man who otherwise cannot be defeated. Moreover, this trial has reinforced the stark contrast between those on the Left whose true passion is love of power, with those who believe that love of Country should “trump” all actions to weaken her.

Like many of you, my feelings of anger these past few days have been almost overwhelming. I say almost because I firmly believe the resolve of most Americans to stand up to protect our freedoms is now stronger than ever. To those who ask what they can do, I have a few suggestions. In light of this unfortunate spectacle, have yet another conversation with your neighbors who often say, “members of my family have always been Democrats, but we nevertheless vote Republican,” and convince them to stand up and be counted by registering as Republicans. Or remind those who say they liked Trump’s policies, but didn’t like his Tweets, that unlike the Biden Administration his policies as President actually benefitted ordinary Americans.

For those of you interested in more direct engagement with the local GOP, you can support our growing grassroots activities by becoming a neighborhood leader, a GOP Precinct Captain, an election official, or by engaging like-minded individuals across Jefferson County to support our candidates ranging from Metro Council up through our presumptive Presidential nominee. See the Get Involved icon at, and while you’re there feel free to hit the donate button, so we can continue this important work!

With many Democrat leaders no longer grasping the simple difference between right and wrong, sitting on the sidelines as Republicans is no longer an option!

Don Fitzpatrick

Chair, Jefferson County GOP

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